Donations made to our department are 100% tax-free and very much appreciated!
Recent Activities

The department recently provided the refreshments for the consignment auction next door. The department appreciates all the patrons, and their generous donations to the department.

The department also recently completed some upgrades to the meeting room and office area. This was the final step to the upgrades and improvements to the building in conjunction with the addition to the station. The department appreciates all of the community support, and the members donating more of there time to provide the labor for the construction projects.

Two of the departmentís new members just completed their Firefighter I/II class which is the first major step in becoming a trained firefighter. This class takes 4 months to complete at least one night a week, and sometimes 2 nights per week. It takes a lot of commitment from our volunteers to complete this class. Having all of our members well trained is our highest priority, and this assists with our goal of having all of our members trained to the highest standards possible.

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